Jeff and Jessica

Jeff and Jessica

Friday, May 18, 2012

HUGE Update

A while back we decided to leave the DRC Program and pursue Domestic adoption as a result of current time lines and many other things that we are not able to discuss at this time. After being in the Domestic program we are more than happy to announce that we have been matched with a mom and will be adding a BABY GIRL to our family around August 11, 2012. We are thrilled with this amazing blessing that God is working out in our lives. Through the past several years Domestic Adoption is not something that we ever considered, so I find it very funny how God kept delaying our process and nudging our hearts to lead us to one specific mom.  Although we are overflowing with JOY, we are freaking out about finances. Our African adoption after referral would take about 12 months for pick. We really were going to wait to start fundraising then, but now that is defiantly not the case. Domestic adoption has turned out to be a lot more expensive that we anticipated and now we are in crunch time. We do know that this is the perfect little girl for our family so we trust and pray that God will meet our financial needs and help to reduce our stress. Our final payment is due on July 10, 2012! BOLD PRAYER PLEASE!

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  1. congrats on your match! would you ever be willing to email me at and let me know why you left the dec program? only if you are willing :)